Here is a collection of murals I did, both individual and collabs. They are located in different places in Romania, mostly Bucharest. 
"Cernobil lady" - rooftop piece done for "Giants of Pantelimon" community art project, Bucharest. Photo credits go to Martha Cooper
"The Urban Prophet" - Industrial Park piece in Bucharest, Romania
"Urban Prophecy X Compounds" - Chimopar Industrial Park, Bucharest, Romania. Collab with John Dot S (Romanian street artist)
"Duality" - Faur industrial park, Bucharest, Romania. Collaboration with Pisica Patrata (Romanian street artist)

"Brews Brothers Mural" - Comissioned work for a self-brewing beer place in Bucharest, Romania (panoramic montage)
"The Amural Cerberus" - Brasov, Romania. Collaboration with Pisica Patrata and Irlo (Romanian street artists)
"Sixtine Obert" - Bucharest, Romania
"Digital Prayer" - Bucharest, Romania, personal studio
"Cyber Owl" - Ploiesti, Romania
"Urban untitled" - Bucharest, Romania
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