I am an urban artist with a graphics background, who uses his signature cyberpunk visual approach to highlight postmodern themes and mirror the social and political scenery, inviting the public to introspection, critical thinking and exiting the comfort zone. Climate change, social inequalities, the dysfunctional system we live in or even the investigation of the subconsciousness are just a few of the themes I'm focused on in my creative journey, delivering them in comics, murals, illustration and a wide range of mixed media - sometimes even sculpture.

I've been active in Romania,  Europe, and the United States, putting together group and solo shows as well as Street Art interventions in major cities like Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, New York City, Portland, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Berlin, Florence, London, Luxembourg, Prague, Paris, Porto, Sofia, and  more, constantly wandering around doing creative projects. 
I am the creator of The Urban Prophecy comic book and all its derivates, including street art/mural interventions. 

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