intoducing #plasticomics, an ongoing manifesto project meant to raise awareness on the environmental issues, including plastic waste
this is my contribution to "Istorii din '89", the first special album dedicated to 30 years since the Romanian Revolution in 1989, gathering 39 Romanian authors that told personal stories in about 212 pages of comics, project initiated by the History Museum in Brasov, Romania. the album is in an ongoing translation process, firstly to be presented at the Paris book fair in 2020.  
this short comic is adapted from a story written by Tudor Ganea and it illustrates a powerful experience of a cancer patient, taking us through his multi sensory trip during the treatment. 
Herb and Whiskers are two crazy characters I created from the back of my head, somewhere in the infamous Fun Center. They are the result of so many years of inspiration and involuntary brainwash from all the comedy characters in the animated series and not only. Briefly, they are two comics writers that we don't know for sure if are successful, but we do know they have opposing personalities and wind up in short predicaments
Fear is a lie is a music album and a concept developed by Dream Diggers, their first studio album, combining genres like dub, industrial and electronica. We wanted to complete the audio experience with a visual storytelling, and this is how Fear is a lie - the comic book was born. The album was designed especially for and from the music, trying to capture the essence of the message of freedom fighting. 
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