The URBAN PROPHECY represents an artistic investigation of the self, identity, collective consciousness and the social construct of reality (“Unlike puppets we have the possibility of stopping in our movements, looking up and perceiving the machinery by which we have been moved. In this act lie the first steps towards freedom” P. Berger). The artistic concept is deeply rooted into the social, and explores postmodernist themes such as the (DE)individualization, the secularization, the technologization of the society and their impact on individual identity and social interactions. It also brings up the pressing problem of environmental decline. The Urban Prophecy concept is also about (de)constructing the perception of reality, giving hints through the visual narrative for discovering the constantly re-configuring windows of perception, through forms of artistic exploration.
Until now, the Urban Prophecy has taken the form of a graphic novel in three parts (still in the progress towards completion), and expanded in the past four years in different forms of artistic expression, such as street art interventions (stickers, paste ups, character throw-ups using spray paint, murals of large scale), painting and drawing and other mixed media. 
See below samples of work from this ongoing artistic process
from the comic book
street art interventions
urban prophecy solo show in Bucharest
paintings with characters from the  Urban Prophecy
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