Here is a selection of murals I did, both individual and collabos. Each piece has a backstory and the process has always been influenced by "making friends" with the wall beforehand. 
"Alive TM" - mural piece done for "Memoriile Cetatii" project in Timisoara, Romania
"Bucharest One Heart One Story" project curated by Mihai Zgondoiu - tram spray painted works for Bucharest Day along Pisica Patrata and John Dot S.  
"Clean air now" mural done at Street Delivery Festival, 2020 edition, powered by Greenpeace Romania 
mural pieces done for "Cinemascop" festival in Eforie Sud, Romania. Photo credits: Didi
"information overload" - mural piece supported by Global Street Art photos courtesy of Paul Zappa, Red Galley, London, UK
"Encounters" - murals done for Deadlime Studios in Bucharest, Romania
"Can you feel?" - piece done for SISAF (Sibiu International Street Art Festival), Sibiu, Romania
"Freedom" - Piece done at the maximum security penitentiary from Iasi, Romania, curated by Street Delivery Iasi
"Open up your eyes" - piece curated by GlobalStreetArt in the Walls Project, photo courtesy of Paul Zappa,  London, UK. 
"Cernobil lady" - rooftop piece done for Giants of Pantelimon community art project, Bucharest. Photo credits go to Martha Cooper
"The Urban Prophet" - Industrial Park piece in Bucharest, Romania
"Urban Prophecy X Compounds" - Chimopar Industrial Park, Bucharest, Romania. Collab with John Dot S (Romanian street artist)
"Duality" - Faur industrial park, Bucharest, Romania. Collaboration with Pisica Patrata (Romanian street artist)

"Brews Brothers Mural" - Commissioned work for a self-brewing beer space called Brews Brothers, in Bucharest, Romania (panoramic montage)
"The Amural Cerberus" - Brasov, Romania. Collaboration with Pisica Patrata and Irlo (Romanian street artists)
"Sixtine Obert" - Piece done for HaHaHa Production music studio in Bucharest, Romania
"Digital Prayer" - Bucharest, Romania, personal studio
"Cyber Owl" - Private commission in Ploiesti, Romania
"Urban untitled" - Private commission in Bucharest, Romania
Commissioned work for Fitness Addiction Gym, Bucharest
"Untitled" - Private commission in  Bucharest, Romania
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